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Your Wish List

     At Designs by Nathan our tag line is, "Effortlessly Create the look you Want". We strive to make the type of jewelry you want to find. Nathan founded this business on the principle of not telling women what they will look good in but believing that women are capable of knowing what works best for them. He didn't want us to tell them, "Well, if you buy this piece then you need to buy these matching shoes, skirt, and blouse to have anything that will look good with the jewelry you just bought." We want women to go, "I already have three things that go perfectly with what I already have!"

     Simply put, women are smart enough to be able to decide for themselves what jewelry works for them. That means you know what you want and we don't. That leads us to a few simple question. What do you want to see? What are you looking for that you couldn't find? Is there something that just needs a little change to make it perfect? Contact us and let our special orders team let you know if its possible to make! (Although our jewelers are very skilled, they unfortunately have to pay attention to the laws of science.....) We will give you a custom price and make the piece as soon as you pay for it. Also, we will include a estimated time of arrival. Any specially designed piece will get showcased in a special blog to give other people great ideas for what kind of jewelry they would want to wear. Thank you for allowing us to help you Effortlessly Create the Look you Want!