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Designs by Nathan 6x4 Oval Birthstone with Diamonds Heart Rings in 925 Sterling Silver

Available in Solid 925 Sterling Silver. Choose the precious stone that matches your favorite outfits!



Your Piece of Jewelry

Your new ring is beautiful in design and each one is made to order. The gemstone in the center is a birthstone of your choice surrounded on either side by hearts. The elegantly shaped hearts are made with 925 sterling silver and gradually get smaller until they disappear into the band. The largest heart on either side of the precious stone has a diamond placed in the center of them.  The precious stones are cut with precision and care making them perfect as a gift or for personal use.


The Brand

Designs by Nathan offers high quality pieces designed to effortlessly create the look you want.

Designs by Nathan began 20 years ago as an exclusively handcrafted artisan jewelry company.  Now a part of the Charles Corporation family, Designs by Nathan continues to offer high quality jewelry directly to you.  Any jewelry bought directly from Designs by Nathan™ is covered by Lifetime Free Repairs and the Lifetime 50/50 Charles Corporation Guarantee.  We stand behind you and our jewelry for a lifetime. 

You can contact us directly at:


The Details

The Precious Stones are cut into a 6x4mm oval the Pearl (For June) is a circle with 4.5-5mm wide diameter. The ring comes in a range of sizes from size 5 to 10. Your local Jeweler will be able to resize your ring to +-.5 in size.Because these rings are made to order the is an average of two to four week wait period before your item will be ready to be shipped. Returns for this item will only be accepted if there is a defect in the item. We will notify you with an approx wait time as soon as the order is made and a second notification as soon as the item is ready to be shipped.


January's Birthstone is garnet. Our Garnet in naturally created and is not enhanced. The garnet is 0.55 carat.

February's Birthstone is Amethyst. Our Amethyst in naturally created and heated to make the colors richer. The Amethyst is 0.42 Carat.

March's Birthstone is Aquamarine, Our Aquamarine is naturally created and heated to make the colors richer. The Aquamarine is 0.387 Carat.

April's Birthstone is White Topaz. Our White Topaz is naturally created and is not enhanced. The White Topaz is 0.533 Carat.

May's Birthstone is Emerald. Our Emerald is lab created and has been synthetically treated for the optimal beauty. The emerald is 0.404 Carat.

June's Birthstone is Pearl. Our Pearls are freshwater cultured pearls and bleached for a light color and pale beauty.

July's Birthstone is Ruby. Our Ruby is lab created and not enhanced. the Ruby is 0.473 Carat.

Augusts birthstone is Peridot. Our Peridot in naturally created and is not enhanced. The Peridot is 0.526 Carat.

Septembers Birthstone is Sapphire. Our Sapphire is lab created and heated to ensure the best color possible. The Sapphire is 0.619 Carat.

October's Birthstone is Opal. Our Opal is lab created and impregnated to create a smooth and protected surface. The Opal is 0.28 Carat.

November's Birthstone is Citrine. Our Citrine is naturally created and heated for the best possible color. The Citrine is 0.438 Carat.

Decembers Birthstone is Blue Topaz. Our Swiss Blue Topaz is naturally created and irradiated to get the beast possible color. The Blue Topaz is 0.527 Carat.


 Each rings diamonds are 1.3mm wide and have a .02 Carat Total Weight.

Like all Designs by Nathan™ jewelry, your hoops are nickel free and therefore hypoallergenic.  Only sterling silver and karat gold made without nickel is hypoallergenic.  And yes, our rose gold is also nickel free!

We include a 3M anti-tarnish tab with every piece of jewelry, to keep your jewelry bright and protected from tarnish during shipping. A very small number of people have an allergic reaction to the anti-tarnish tabPlease wash and dry your earrings with a mild solution of Dawn and water before use, and care for your health appropriately should a reaction occur. 




Lifetime Repairs and 50/50 Manufacturer's Guarantee

To use your Designs by Nathan™ Free Lifetime Repairs or the 50/50 Lifetime Charles Corporation Guarantee, mail your jewelry to:


Designs by Nathan™
Charles Corporation
7785 E N Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49048


You are responsible for shipping costs to Charles Corporation. The repairs and return shipping are free.

The 50/50 Lifetime Charles Corporation Guarantee allows you to send in at least 50% of the piece of jewelry and get 50% off a new piece bought directly from Charles Corporation. Yes, 10 years from now you can send your jewelry in and get 50% off a diamond ring!


Designs by Nathan™


Effortlessly Create the Look You Want


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