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Designs by Nathan Shimmering Xilion Heart Pendant Necklace Handcrafted with Swarovski Crystals and 925 Sterling Silver

Comes in 925 Sterling Silver



Your Piece of Jewelry

This stunningly breathtaking necklace features a genuine swarovski crystal. The crystal is the Xilian Heart design that is unique to Swarovski and in four patented colors: Crystal AB, Antuique Pink, Crystal Heliotrope, and Crystal Light Siam. The colors brilliantly throw the light and any movement causes the colors inside the crystal to shimmer alluringly. 


The Brand

Swarovski is the premier crystal maker in the world. They are the undisputed masters when it comes to designing and the precision cutting of crystals. Their designs are considered the most breathtaking and brilliant. Swarovski's ability to infuse colors in crystals as well as their masterful masterful faceting of artistic shapes inspires everyone from hobby craftsmen to great artists.

Each season they invite one or two new master artists to create unique colors and designs that break through boundaries and achieve astonishing feats of creativity. Coco Chanel was the first famous artist to use Swarovski crystals in her designs. These products became the most dreamy definition of desirability and beauty in the fashion world. through Swarovski crystals we offer you boundless choices to effortlessly create the look you want. 

Swarovski was established over 120 years ago in 1985 by Daniel Swarovski. Daniel Swarovski had a dream of using crystal glass in order to make a stone that captures the beauty of precious gemstones. Later on Swarovski made their glass more and more durable while keeping their original goal of making jewelry that every woman could afford. the company had been family owned and managed ever since and they are on their fifth generation.

The family has since made all the colors from white to black be their universe to explore and create wonders of light and beauty. They have succeeded masterfully and kept succeeding all throughout the 20th century. The Swarovski's have combined an outstanding assortment of precision cut crystals that are the first choice in use by the great designers in Milan. The triumphant US Olympic gymnastic team in the 2016 Rio Olympics used Swarovski crystals in their uniforms. Their uniforms shined as bright as the teams accomplishments. Swarovski's technical prowess is purchased by the top innovators in laser research and technology. They also hold to the world record for the smallest and largest manufactured crystal ever made and are the top choice for the US Military when needing military grade optics.


Over the years Swarovski has made its mark with Swarovski Crystals in watches, jewelry, apparel, accessories, cosmetics, architecture, and even interior lighting! In 1966, the interior lighting division was created and has succeeded in filling the world with glamorous color and beauty. Because they control how the crystals are made they can actually put the lights inside of the crystals! This means that beautiful light fixtures can be designed that shine bright as the sun or as softly as the stars in whatever part of the rainbow you find most delightful.


Swarovski understands that with great success comes great responsibility. Swarovski has devoted themselves to find environmentally sustainable products in a world where crystals contain lead. Swarovski continues to power all of their facilities by waterwheel as they have since the beginning of their company.

in addition Swarovski has used less and less lead over the years. Eventually in 1998, they started a research project that ended 12 years later with a great discovery. The new patent, called the Swarovski Advanced Crystal formula, not only met Europe's strict standards, but set the bar even higher when it comes to virtually lead free crystals. Swarovski crystals now have less than .009% lead while the European standard is .05%! 

The sense of responsibility did not stop there though. Swarovski started its own education program called the Swarovski Waterschool Education program. As its name sounds, this program focuses on bringing water education to all countries. They focus on teaching children of all backgrounds about how to find, clean, conserve, store, and desalinate water. Their curriculum is filled with usable methods and strategies that help even third world countries better use this vital resource. To date Swarovski has already helped educate a half a million children about how to save and clean water (and we can safely guess that they taught their parents the same lesson). 2500 schools have been either built or used to teach these lessons, 10,000 teachers have been trained, and this organization has 1.5 million community volunteers. 


All of these things make Designs by Nathan happy to partner with Swarovski. Their detailed and high quality makes their products perfect to use in our designs. Through Swarovski we bring you astoundingly beautiful creations to assist you in effortlessly creating the look you want.  



Designs by Nathan began 20 years ago as an exclusively handcrafted artisan jewelry company.  Now a part of the Charles Corporation family, Designs by Nathan continues to offer high quality jewelry directly to you.  Any jewelry bought directly from Designs by Nathan™ is covered by Lifetime Free Repairs and the Lifetime 50/50 Charles Corporation Guarantee.  We stand behind you and our jewelry for a lifetime.

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The Details

This sterling silver necklace is 18 inches long and has a easy to use lobster clasp. The lovely pendant is 18mm (About 7/10 Inches) wide.


Like all Designs by Nathan™ jewelry, your hoops are nickel free and therefore hypoallergenic. Only sterling silver and karat gold made without nickel is hypoallergenic.


We include a 3M anti-tarnish tab with every piece of jewelry, to keep your jewelry bright and protected from tarnish during shipping. A very small number of people have an allergic reaction to the anti-tarnish tab. Please wash and dry your earrings with a mild solution of Dawn and water before use, and care for your health appropriately should a reaction occur. 


Lifetime Repairs and 50/50 Manufacturer's Guarantee

To use your Designs by Nathan™ Free Lifetime Repairs or the 50/50 Lifetime Charles Corporation Guarantee, mail your jewelry to:


Designs by Nathan™
Charles Corporation
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You are responsible for shipping costs to Charles Corporation. The repairs and return shipping are free.

The 50/50 Lifetime Charles Corporation Guarantee allows you to send in at least 50% of the piece of jewelry and get 50% off a new piece bought directly from Charles Corporation. Yes, 10 years from now you can send your jewelry in and get 50% off a diamond ring!


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