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Jewelry care

There are many opinions when it comes to maintaining jewelry and how to handle pieces. Designs by Nathan does not pretend to know everything there is to know about jewelry care, however we can offer good advice on general practices that help to ensure a long life for your piece. Please remember though, if any jewelry you buy through this website or any approved distributor of Charles Corporation jewelry (Currently we sell an Amazon), you have access to the Free Lifetime Repairs Program (See Link on bottom of website or details).



     Tarnish is a condition that shows up most often on silver jewelry. Unless the silver jewelry is plated or coated in another way to protect it from tarnish, you will need to periodically clean your silver jewelry. This can be easily done with a microfiber cloth or buying a solution specifically designed to clean silver jewelry. At Designs by Nathan the chemical cleaner we trust is Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner for Sterling Silver jewelry. This liquid dip cleaner is capable of cleaning the most complex piece of Sterling Silver in less than a minuet! Please note: That liquid dip is designed for jewelry that is only Sterling Silver. Any piece that has Gold (any Karat or Color), precious stones, or enamel coatings should be cleaned with a cloth to ensure you do not damage you piece.


Hoop Earrings:

     The realm of hoop earrings is so vast and has so many unique rules that sometimes I think it should have its own category so when someone asks what we sell we can say "We offer a wide range of Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, and Hoops"! As vast and varied as the different types of hoops are there are a few good pieces of advice we can offer.

1: Remember what thickness your hoop earring is. The thicknesses of hoops vary from ultra slim 1mm hoops to thick 9mm and bigger sometimes. Not only does the thickness change the style of the hoop there are some important physical changes that happen in the piece as well.