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Round Eye Clean Natural Loose Diamond | 1.0 CTW | 6.4mm | VS2/SI1 Clarity | GHI

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Eye Clean Round Natural Diamond | 1.0 Carat | 6.4 mm | VS2/SI1 Clarity | GHI Near Colorless | One Loose Diamond


I am pleased to offer these gorgeous round eye clean loose diamonds (the same ones I use).  Please contact me with any questions and concerns.  See the Volume Discounts below on unmatched diamonds.  Volume discounts are only available on unmatched diamonds (contact us for larger orders).  Please inquire about matched diamond sets.  Typical reasons for buying more than one include:

  • Creating a jewelry set with matched diamonds
  • Creating a pair of earrings
  • Creating jewelry with stations
  • Having enough diamonds on hand to make more inventory when a design sells

Collectors and investors often have goals of how many stones to have that are similar in size, shape, and value


  • Shape:  Round
  • Clarity:  VS2/SI1 Eye Clean
  • Color:  GHI Near Colorless
  • Diamond Type:  White
  • Carats:  1.0 Carats
  • Cut:  Excellent
  • Size:  6.4mm (~ 1/4 inches)
  • Treatment:  None (including no clarity treatment)
  • Creation:  Natural Mined


Natural diamonds are mined from the earth.  With the advent of lab grown diamonds, natural diamonds have become the purist and ultimate expression of love and marriage, from the moment of engagement through the celebration of anniversaries.

Throughout history natural diamonds have been regarded as magical.  Greeks believed diamonds were tears of the gods.  Romans believed they were splinters of fallen stars.  Diamonds were also believed to have been used as a healing stone.  Some of the more unusual "uses" of diamonds were to detect and detoxify poison, open channels of spirituality, and to assist in calming creatures.

Our diamonds are always Conflict Free and eye clean.  You will not be able to see any flaws with your naked eye.

Traditional Diamond Occasions

  • Valentine's Day
  • Engagement and Wedding
  • April Birthstone
  • 21st Birthday or College Graduation
  • 10th Anniversary
  • 30th Anniversary
  • 60th Anniversary (Jubilee)

Volume Discounts on Unmatched Diamonds

  • Please contact me if you would like to purchase more than one diamond.  I can only list one at a time, but generally have about 50 of these diamonds in stock.  Discounts are for unmatched diamonds - just ask if you need matched diamonds.
  • Buy 2:  5% off
  • Buy 3:  10% off
  • Buy 4 or more:  15% off
  • Sometimes the volume discount doesn't calculate correctly in the cart.  When that happens, I simply refund the difference the next business day after you place your order.  Please pardon the inconvenience - I am working on getting it fixed!

Diamond Specifications

  • Hardness:  10
  • Toughness:  Excellent
  • Refractive Index:  2.42
  • Dispersion:  0.44
  • Specific Gravity:  3.52

Care and Handling

No special care is required.  Can be cleaned with commercially available cleaners.  Safe with ultrasonic and steamer cleaning methods.  Good reaction to heat, and no reactions to chemicals in commercially available cleaners.

Like all gemstones, sudden impacts may cause breakage or chipping (especially avoid striking against stainless steel).

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