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About Us

It is all my wife's fault,
and for that I am grateful.

I was just minding my business, when out of the blue this woman walks up to me and asks me if I needed money for college. Really. In the middle of the church gym. Just like that. I recognized her from the church choir. In fact, I stood behind her on the risers during the last Christmas concert. In between concerts, the young men my age crowded around a table she sat at, and ignored the young women that came by to get our attention. After all, this woman was talking about video games. We were mesmerized.

this business is still her
fault. and I love her for it.

My wife has been disabled for many years, and has picked up many hobbies during that time. One of those was making jewelry. It has been like a treasure hunt finding all of her faceted gemstones, gemstone beads, genuine world class Austrian crystals, sterling silver, tools, and more. I have become fascinated by the shapes, the textures, the play of lights that skitter across facets, the feel of the beads, and the combinations of gems, crystals, and metals. I began to more than just dabble. I began to create.

and now, I get to share
all of this with you.

My desire is simple. To design and handcraft beautiful jewelry that effortlessly goes with the outfits you already own, to create the look you want for your day, everyday. High quality classic jewelry that will last a lifetime, to always complement you.

customer testimonials

  • These earrings are beautiful and solid. They are comfortable and easy to put on and take off. The latch is simple to engage and is secure. Love these and will wear often

    Eveline Z, TAMPA, FL
  • I really love these beautiful and lightweight hoops, they are perfect and I can wear them everyday without worry of them stretching the earring holes in my ears!! Some earrings are heavy and elongate your earring holes, these don't do that nor do they catch your hair, very nicely made and classy looking!

    Cathy M, BRISTOL, FL
  • These earrings are excellent. They are light weight yet substantial enough. They transition from daytime to evening seamlessly and could easily become any woman's "I wear these with everything!" earrings.

    Tomieka N, LOS ANGELES, CA