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Lifetime Free Repairs

     Here at Charles Corporation we wish to bring back the customer’s experience of having a relationship with your jeweler. So often when someone buys a piece of jewelry from mega stores, they have difficulties with the piece and are told they must pay $20 just to send it in for the professionals to look at. After the professional tells you what is wrong with the piece then you have to pay for the repair itself (even if the repair is as simple as bending a prong back in place). This process could take weeks! Gone are the days when it was as simple as going to your jewelers and they could fix the small problems right then and there or you leave it for a few days for the bigger problems.

     While Charles Corporation can’t have a store in every city, we can make getting your jewelry repaired much easier!


     We offer you two different programs: The Free Lifetime Repairs Program and the 50/50 Lifetime Charles Corporation Guarantee. To see the 50/50 Lifetime Charles Corporation Guarantee please click this link                                        .

     The free Lifetime Repairs programmed is used when a piece of jewelry is damaged. All you need to do is send it in and we will repair it for free and send to you. The customer is responsible for shipping costs to Charles Corporation and then you sit back and let us take care of the rest!

     Any piece repaired by the Free Lifetime Repairs Program can be repaired again if further damage occurs for any reason and is still eligible for the 50/50 Lifetime Charles Corporation Manufactures Guarantee.

     Sometimes, we are unable to repair a piece. If this happens we will contact you to see if you want to use 50/50 Charles Corporation Manufactures Guarantee. Please note that you can repurchase the same piece (at 50% off) using that program (if you wish to do so) and not lose your unique piece in your jewelry collection! You can use these programs as many times as needed. To use your Charles Corporation Free Lifetime Repairs, mail your jewelry to:

Charles Corporation
7785 E N Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Please include weather you want to use the 50/50 Lifetime Charles Corporation Guarantee or the Free lifetime Repairs

You are responsible for shipping costs to Charles Corporation. The repairs and return shipping are free.

     If you need to contact us for any reason about these programs or have any questions please email us at Thank you for letting us help you to effortlessly create the look you want.