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Welcome to the Designs by Nathan Collection of
GCAL Certified Liquid Brilliance
8X Lab Grown Diamonds


Get a better diamond for way less than half the price.  No natural diamond
with clarity less than IF (Internally Flawless) and Excellent Cut can compare

to the liquid brilliance of an 8X Lab Grown Diamond

To learn more about the 8 Excellent Cuts that create an 8X diamond, view a diamond and click on the
GCAL certification link.  And make sure you click on the Fire Video for an amazing experience!

Click on Quote for us to contact you about purchasing the diamond you desire.
Financing available through Affirm.

Toggle as shown to see ONLY liquid brilliant 8X diamonds!

8X Diamonds come in round, square, oval, and marquise shapes.


About our designs

Effortlessly create the look you want, with Designs by Nathan pieces, passionately designed, hand selected, and handcrafted for you. Begin your relationship with us today, and enjoy a lifetime of your personal jeweler creating, repairing, and upgrading your jewelry. See the programs below for more information on what you can look forward to.