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Hassle-Free Lifetime Trade-In Program


We craft our jewelry to last a lifetime.  Or two.

You may have noticed that Designs by Nathan(R) does not offer any jewelry that has one color of metal plated over a different color of metal (for instance, yellow gold over sterling silver).  We do this on purpose, because all plating will eventually chip, and the exposed color underneath attracts the eye to see the chip (making the whole piece unattractive).  If you manage to chip or dent a Designs by Nathan piece, all you see is the same color.  The whole piece of jewelry remains attractive.

We pay attention to details like this, because we want your jewelry to last. 

We craft using precious metals and gemstones that stay attractive for at least a lifetime. 

You may have also noticed that our Diamonds are always eye-clean.  The larger the diamond, the better the clarity required to be eye-clean.  We offer alternatives like Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamonds, to make sure you have eye-clean choices that fit your budget.  You can trust that you aren't going to be disappointed when you buy from Designs by Nathan.

Have you browsed for jewelry in the mall?  Even the top mall jewelry store doesn't offer eye-clean diamonds.  Their most exclusive diamonds have flaws visible to the naked eye.  We only sell eye-clean diamonds, so that you will love your diamonds now and in 20 years.  No regrets.

You can count on Designs by Nathan.  Our pieces last, and stay attractive.
Your piece will create the look you want now ... and later!


Whenever you want,

simply trade-in your Designs by Nathan piece, and get 50% off your new piece!

Here are the hassle-free details:

We keep track of your purchases through your account, so you don't have to keep receipts or paperwork. 

All pieces listed in your account are eligible for our Lifetime 50% Trade-In Program.  No restrictions on damaged or partially missing jewelry.

If you purchases Designs by Nathan jewelry through our stores on  eBay or Amazon, just set up an account here and contact us with your order number.  We'll make sure your purchases get recorded in your account.

Mail your trade-in to: (worn, damaged, or missing an earring? just want something new? - no problem!)

Attn:  Trade-In Dept
Designs by Nathan
7785 East N Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Please include your name and email address.  No receipt needed.

Once we receive and confirm your trade-in piece, we add a 50% off one item coupon to your account.  You can use the 50% off on any one piece of jewelry or gift certificate on DesignsbyNathan.US (no restrictions).

Got more than one item in your cart?  The 50% off will apply to the most expensive item in your cart.

Shop at DesignsbyNathan.US to find your new piece.  We strongly suggest you pick something more expensive than your original piece - your trade-in will help you trade-up!

Yes, you may trade-in a $20 pair of earrings and get 50% off diamond earrings.  In fact, we hope you do!

If you don't see what you want, contact us and we will find what you want.  We have over 100,000 styles of all types of jewelry available, and we can create custom and personalized pieces.